Adrian Sherwen

Surprising Science films

Natural History Museum

The illustrations and graphics below were all created for Surprising Science, the Museum's film series on YouTube. 

Blanket Octopus

The females grow to around 6 feet long and the males to just one inch.  The females have this webbing that resembles a blanket, which they can open to make themselves look threatening to predators. The males are immune to the Portuguese man o' war and when attacked, they break off some of its tentacles to defend against other prey.

Female octopus

Male octopus

Portuguese man o' war

Bombardier beetle

Film exploring how the Bombardier beetle defends itself against predators.

Fly ear drums

The fly Ormia ochraceae has ears on its back and uses a see-saw structure to detect sound waves. 

What is coral?

Film explaining what coral reefs are and what they're made of.

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